“Life is a series of struggles sprinkled with moments of joy,

and those who gather the  moments best, 

enjoy the journey most.”

Brenda Harper 2001

Piece of Mind

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Piece of Mind Radio Program is composed of a unique blend of local and national guests, coming together to share a "piece of their mind" on a variety of health topics.  We explore many pieces of physical, intellectual, and emotional health, and how they fit together in interactive ways.  The goal is to provide a wide variety of information from cutting-edge medical information, down to home natural remedies. We look to empower our listeners to become healthier, more savvy healthcare consumers.  

Piece of Mind was on the air in Southern Idaho every week from July 27, 2007 to August 3, 2014.  Now I maintain this site which contains over 300 interviews and podcasts with a plethora of information and links as a resources.

My passion for starting this radio program stemmed from my own health challenges caused by hidden mold in my home. They were further complicated by hideous medical care from doctors that did not learn about mold in school.  Unfortunately, they had no clue about how to help me...but we can’t teach or treat what we don’t understand!  It is my deepest desire to help others avoid the same painful journey I have traveled!  This website includes my own hard-learned lessons and information from many professionals on many health topics.  I hope that folks who visit this page find hope, information, and maybe some links or connections to resolve their own health issue(s).  

The Self-Talk tips are a bunch of short audio clips designed to make you smile, think, and perhaps experiment with some new thoughts and behaviors that might just make life a little easier.  They are designed to help individuals with common issues I observed during my many years as a therapist. 

I want to express our deep gratitude to all of our guests and co-hosts over the years.  As host, I want to thank producer Larry Church for all of his work and support in making this adventure both possible and delightful. I also want to thank the local radio stations that allowed us to use their airways. 

Brenda Harper MSW

Feelings are like gas:
They all pass.  
Some of them really stink.
 It is appropriate NOT to let them all out in public!

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We are not giving medical advice and recommend that you discuss all of your  medical choices and issues with your personal health care Provider.